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Great Choice! To get your License Key You'll be making a one-time payment of $25.00 USD. Be sure to contact the reseller email after payment is made, so you can request your reseller license and access to the members area. Please allow up to 24hrs for reseller to respond before contacting support.

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Terms of Usage

COPYRIGHT. MyProfitsPal.com™, the "Speeding Money Man" Logo, the www.MyProfitsPal.com website, and contents of the website are copyright and trademark of MyProfitsPal.com™ and cannot be reproduced without the written consent of MyProfitsPal.com™

LICENSE. The MyProfitsPal.com™ License includes access to the members' area. There you can download the different files and templates. The License also give you the right to resell the MyProfitsPal.com™ system using the templates provided for use on your own server, or hosted on our server (via an Upgrade). The template files come with instructions on how to install them. The sales copy and graphics should remain intact.

PRICE. The price of a MyProfitsPal.com™ License is currently $25.00 USD. (The regular price is $39.00 USD.) The prices of the system cannot be altered without the written consent of MyProfitsPal.com™

MARKETING. Correct strategies of promotion and marketing will be provided in the members' area.

UPGRADES. Hosting and other features are offered as an Optional Upgrade at a one-time fee of $13.00 USD. They are not necessary for use of the system, but can greatly improve your chances of success.

INDEMNITY. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless DigitalProfits.Pro, it's owners, handlers, agents, affiliates, resellers, and users of any harm or liabilities that may come to you from the use of the MyProfitsPal.com™ system.

NON-DISCLOSURE. Some of the contents within the MyProfitsPal.com™ members' area are proprietary and should remain under safe keeping for the integrity of the system. You agree to keep your account details secret. Make sure you keep your access key in a safe place.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER. Any descriptions of earnings potentials described on the website and sales materials are for display purposes only and should not used a measure of guaranteed earnings. Earnings will vary from person to person and are dependent on skill and expertise.

REFUNDS. You are making a one-time $25 payment to your sponsor for an MPP Membership. In turn, the people who respond to your ads will pay you directly. Because you will be given immediate access to the MPP members area and will have access to the digital library, step-by-step instructions and pre-written ads, we have a very strict NO REFUND POLICY. As the product is digital and cannot be returned.

COOKIES. We use cookies on the MyProfitsPal.com™ website. Your website will not work without them. Please make sure you enable them for use of this system.

ABUSE. To insure the integrity of the MyProfitsPal.com™ system and to protect it's users, your I.P. Address ( is being recorded. If you abuse the system or incur in malicious acts to damage the MyProfitsPal.com™ System your account will be terminated without a refund and in the worst case you will be reported to your local authorities.

SPAM. The use of Spam or Unsolicited Marketing is strictly prohibited for the use of the MyProfitsPal.com™ system. If you are reported of spam your account will be terminated without a refund and in the worst case you will be reported to your local authorities.

CONTACT. For further questions, please visit https://MyProfitsPal.com

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